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Sociedade Agrícola Casa de Vilacetinho Alpendorada & Matos, Portugal

Sociedade Agrícola Casa de Vilacetinho Alpendorada & Matos Portugal

Sociedade Agrícola Casa de Vilacetinho, S.A.

José Manuel Antunes, António Sousa and Fernando Moura

30 ha

Uvas cultivadas
Arinto, Avesso, Azal and Loureiro

Rua da Vista Alegre 502
Alpendorada & Matos
T.: +351255619744
F.: +351255611000


The first wine rehearsals from selected grape varieties mounts back to 1957, time in which it was objectively defined that the production of wine would constitute as the main activity of the company. The objective has always been to achieve products of the highest quality and standard.

The quality of our wines is unquestionable, as it has been awarded numerous awards since the XX century, in the most significant national and international wine contests, due to the careful application of managing the most technical agricultural practices and processes.

It is a ‘Vinho Verde’ with character, it is young, fresh, dry and fruited, which encloses a fabulous episode that raised the prestige of the brand. During the official visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Portugal, this wine was chosen to accompany all meals and elected for the table of the Chairmanship of the Republic Council.